The European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) is a biannual event for ballroom dancers from all over Europe. During the Whitsun weekend in 2023, Amsterdam invites you to let down your hair, get your neon clothing out of the closet, and party like there is no tomorrow! 

The ETDS is a weekend filled with dancing, a tournament, dancing parties, socializing, shows, and much more. Participants will stay at the same venue for the entire weekend, where they will dance, eat, and sleep.

The whole weekend is themed:
Amsterdam – the Black Light District

About the premise

All payments need to be done by card, we cannot accept cash.

A €1,- coin might come in handy if someone wants to use a locker.

Forbidden on the premise

We don’t like to forbid a lot of things, we mostly ‘condone’ or ‘tolerate’ stuff here in Amsterdam, but we have to be strict when it comes to our location.

  • It is not allowed to wear shoes in the dojo, one of the sleeping halls (E, Esmeralda).
  • Smoking is prohibited on the whole campus, so please don’t smoke (also not outside, because that’s also still campus area).
  • Please stay inside the building, or around it if you want to go outside, but don’t go to the university buildings.
  • You HAVE to wear heel protectors to protect the floor.



Because the sleeping hall is adjacent to the tournament hall, we asked for help to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We have enough earplugs for everyone, kindly sponsored by

Our medals are (partly) sponsored by Pro-Merchandise.