The ETDS is only possible due to the many hours of volunteer work we put in as a community. Besides the organization of the event, there are a lot of tasks that have to be done during the weekend. For these tasks, we need your help! We require all dancers to help us with some Obligatory Helping Hours (OHHs). The team captains will get all OHHs sent to them, to assign to their teammates. If you want to volunteer more, which would be very much appreciated, please let your team captain know.

The OHHs and other volunteering tasks (when assigned) can be (re)viewed in the xTDS portal. 

If you don’t want to join the competitions, but do want to attend for free and help organize this awesome event, you can sign up as a super volunteer! More information on super volunteers can be found in the portal when it’s online. To sign up as a super volunteer, click the button above. In case you belong to a team, please also let your team captain know that you signed up as a super volunteer, as they like to know what their team is up to.