Lottery policy

The European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) Amsterdam 2023 will use a lottery system to select participants, as implemented by the xTDS system. This system aims to reduce stress during the registration period and ensure a balance between leads and follows, while also giving all teams the opportunity to participate in the ETDS.

For more information on the registration process, refer to the


The lottery system is designed to fairly select participants for the ETDS by randomly drawing names from the registration list. In order to give all registrants an equal chance of participating, the lottery system takes the following conditions into account:

  • Couples who register together will not be separated.
  • Team captains are guaranteed to participate, with the number of team captains depending on the size of the team.
  • Participants are selected to maintain a balance between leads and follows in all classes.
  • Registrants who have not participated in an ETDS before are given a slight preference in the lottery system.
  • Registrants who registered in the previous ETDS but were not selected have a very slight preference in the lottery system. It is important to use the same email address to ensure this preference.


There will be two lottery rounds, one on the 25th of March 2023, the second on the 8th of April 2023.

Additional selections will be made based on cancellations and to even out the lead/follow balance.


If a person who registered with a partner is selected in the lottery, their partner will also be automatically selected for participation. Therefore, a dancing couple that registers together will always be selected together.

If a person who registered without a partner is selected in the lottery, the system will select an additional person who also registered without a partner. This additional person will be selected based on the need to maintain a good lead/follow balance. This will ensure that as many participants as possible can find a partner during blind dating.

Selection procedure

At least 90% of participants will be selected using the lottery system described above. The remaining spots are reserved for special purposes, including but not limited to: the organization, tournament office, super-volunteers, first-aid volunteers, other specific volunteer roles, and last-minute balancing of the lead/follow distribution. These spots will be appointed by the organization.