Volunteering information

The ETDS is only possible due to the many hours of volunteer work we put in as a community. Besides the organization of the event, there are a lot of tasks that have to be done during the weekend. For these tasks, we need your help! We have organized all the work that needs to be done during the weekend in shifts. These shifts are typically a 1-hour duty after which the next person takes over.

The shifts are covered by the OHH (obligatory helping hours), regular volunteers, and super volunteers.

Obligatory Helping Hours (OHH)

All team captains receive a list of obligatory shifts for their team, constituting 1 hour per participant. It is up to the team captains how to distribute these shifts over their team members. 

Volunteer shifts

Next to the obligatory helping hours, many people contribute to the ETDS by taking additional volunteer shifts. Apart from a great experience and our eternal gratitude as a community, your team will earn points for the Tanzmaus for additional volunteering work. More information can be found on the Tanzmaus tab, when it’s online.

Super volunteers

Super volunteers are the backbone of the ETDS and are the people who are volunteering the whole weekend for a minimum of 25 hours. Therefore, as a super volunteer, you will not be able to participate in the tournament. However, to compensate for your contribution you will receive food, a sleeping spot, and a wonderful experience free of charge. Registration for the super-volunteers is handled in the xTDS portal. You can sign up by 

After signing up as a super-volunteer, the organizing committee will decide whether your help as a super volunteer is required, so note that you are not guaranteed to get in after signing up.

Task descriptions

In this shift you take place at the entry of the tournament hall or sleeping halls and ask people going in or out to show their badge. This is necessary to keep unwanted guests away from the event and the participants’ belongings.
In this shift you take care of one of the catering rounds: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Depending on the shift, tasks include preparation, serving, or cleaning up.
In this shift you take care of the bar in the tournament hall. This includes selling drinks to participants and visitors and refilling the inventory if necessary.
During this shift you handle the registrations for participants. As a receptionist, it is your job to welcome our lovely guests and prepare them for our event. You will make sure everybody gets their badge, give them directions, and share necessary information.
The information desk is where people come over if they have questions. These can be from participants, team captains, crew, and visitors. Your working place is situated next to the tournament stage in the tournament hall. It is also your job to be the first point of contact for questions, suggestions, and complaints, such that the people on stage (tournament office, DJ, moderators) can do their jobs without being interrupted.
You will be playing music from a playlist. During the day this means keeping to the correct time of dance and making sure the transitions are smooth.
This shift is to prepare the tournament hall for an upcoming competition or party. It mainly consists of cleaning up and making sure all tables and benches are in the correct positions. Before the parties, this shift takes care of decorating the tournament hall.
This shift takes place on Friday and Monday afternoon and deals with all the necessary construction and deconstruction. This includes placing and removing the dance floor, team tables and benches, the tournament stage, decorations, equipment, and everything that is needed for the event. As you can imagine, we can use a lot of help with this.
During the weekend there will be many chores that need to be done a.s.a.p. that don’t fit any of the other categories and pop up instantaneously. This could range from doing emergency shopping, restocking supplies, and assisting the organizers. Specific tasks will be assigned when required by the volunteer manager.