General rules regarding the Tanzmaus

  • Every participating team that is eligible is automatically registered for the Tanzmaus
  • To be eligible, a team must consist of at least 10 Breitensport starting positions in the Breitensport qualification round
  • Starting positions are counted per person, per discipline
  • Teams that are not eligible on their own, may combine to form a larger team
  • A combined team may not be bigger than the largest uncombined team
  • A combined team has to be registered before midnight on Friday evening
  • Points for the Tanzmaus can be earned in 2 categories and will be added together:
  • Tournament results (weighed by team size in Breitensport)
  • Volunteering hours (weighed by total team size )


  • Time spent as an adjudicator is not considered for volunteering points for the Tanzmaus
  • Time spent as an First Aid officer or Emergency Response Officer is not considered for volunteering points for the Tanzmaus
  • Super volunteers are not competitors, and do not contribute towards the Tanzmaus points for a team

Calculation of points

Dancing points + Volunteering points = total mause points per team


Points per start: breitensport couple can receive points per start

  • Enthusiasts = 0
  • Amateurs = 5
  • Professionals = 10
  • Masters = 15
  • Champions = 20
  • Legends = 25

+ 10 points first ETDS bonus if a dancer competes for the first time
+ 1 point per defeated couple in the dancer’s own class
+ 10 points blind date bonus (if the couple is a blind date couple by choice)

Above points combined is the total points per dancer.

DANCING POINTS = total points for all breitensport dancers / number of individual breitensport starts.


+ 10 points for each volunteering hour

OHHs are not included. A maximum of 50 points (5h) can be awarded

-50 points when the team didn’t fill the OHHs

If there are still OHHs left unfilled and your team has not reached its quota, a score of -50 is used instead.

VOLUNTEERING POINTS = total volunteering points for the team / number of team members.