The dances you will be required to perform and whether or not you will participate in mandatory blind dating will be determined by your prior dancing experiences, which form the basis of your class. Your regular competition experience is leading, if you do not dance regular competitions you can check the rules for formation dancers and for previous ETDS experience.

The class in which you have to dance can be found through the class matrix at the bottom of this page. This class may be different per discipline. Below are specific rules for each class.


Breitensport is split into 6 classes based on a qualification round. These 6 classes are:

  • Enthusiasts
  • Amateurs
  • Professionals
  • Masters
  • Champions
  • Legends

We have made the decision to raise the bar for Open class, because we believe Breitensport is the main focus of the tournament. This will mean that some dancers that previously danced in the CloseD or Open class will be dancing Breitensport at our tournament. To accommodate these extra dancers, we have added more classes to Breitensport. 

Because there are more experienced dancers that now have to participate in Breitensport class, we’ve decided to raise the threshold level for blind dating. This could mean that you had to blind date in previous tournaments, but you don’t have to at the ETDS Amsterdam.

We do encourage blind dating, as it is a lot of fun!


This tournament we will only have an Open class instead of a CloseD and Open. In the Open class we will have a lottery per dance from the first round onwards. The Open class will not have a qualification round. Based on the number of couples there will either be two first rounds or a first round and a re-dance. Please check the class matrix to see if you are allowed to dance in the Open class. If you dance Open class in one discipline, this does not affect your other discipline.

In doubt?

In most cases, competition experience is leading, however: if you’ve danced ClOpen and qualified for Open you are allowed to dance Open class at the ETDS Amsterdam. The choice is yours, but please discuss your case with your team captain. 

Classes matrix