Dress code

The image on the right states the rules regarding clothing during the competitions. In individual cases of doubt or conflict, the ETDS committee will decide whether the respective clothing is allowed in the competition. If you’re in doubt about whether your outfit is allowed, it’s good to bring a spare outfit.

 Rules regarding clothing:

  • Competitive dance clothes are not allowed, e.g. tailcoats, tailored dance dresses, latin dresses for competitions or dance suits.
    Exceptions are: waistcoats (vests), latin or standard trousers and button-down shirts made for dancing.
  • Excessive feathers, glitter and rhinestones are not allowed on clothing, on accessories or on hair.
  • Covering the buttocks, belly and breasts is mandatory. These areas should also be covered whilst dancing.

Rules regarding shoes:

  • Latin and ballroom dance shoes are allowed.
  • Rubber soles and outdoor shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.
  • Heel protectors are mandatory.

Using paraffin or oil under your shoes is forbidden. We will provide scratching boards in case the floor is slippery.

If you choose to ignore the above rules, you may be disqualified from the competition and you may be held accountable for any damage you have caused to the dance floor or other items.