Registrations and cancellations for participants go through the team captains. You can edit your registration by logging into the xTDS portal. If you do not have a team captain, please contact us directly at 

For super-volunteering, see the volunteering section or go to the xTDS portal.

If the number of registered participants exceeds the capacity of the event, participant selection is done through a lottery.

The costs for the tournament vary based on whether you are a student, a PhD- or non-student, a super-volunteer or a visitor.

We want the visitors to register themselves as well, please send them the links that are below the prices, or refer them to this webpage.


Below, you can find the prices for the ETDS Amsterdam 2023.

Participant student


Participant phd/non-student


whole day




visitor evening


Limited editon tickets – €60

We cannot have more participants at ETDS Amsterdam, but we can have more people over during the weekend. 
This is why we came up with this special: 30 spots for people who want to come the whole weekend (food, parties and sleeping hall included), but don’t participate during the competition.

How it works:

The costs are €60,-

It is first come, first serve, and there are 30 places.
Register via the link below.

If you’re one of the lucky 30,
you’ll get an email with a payment link soon.


When you apply for a limited editon ticket, you will still be on the waiting list. This means, that if you get drawn in another lottery (because other people cancelled), you can ‘upgrade’ your limited edition ticket to a full participation. 

We expect the team captains to inform us you confirmed this upgrade within a day. When that’s done, you’ll get an email from the organization with the payment link to pay the remaining fee (€15 or €35 for student or non-student respectively).