help – i’m a team captain

Are your team members asking you a lot of questions and do you wish you had all the information in one place? We’ve created a page specifically for that purpose! You can redirect the participants to any of the other help pages, but this one is specifically designed for you. 

We instructed participants to ask questions through their team captains. If they ask a question, please check the website and the FAQ first. If the question still isn’t answered, you can reach out to us with your participant’s question. If you have any additional questions, you can also reach out to us via  


  • Send an enthusiastic email to your team members to get them excited
  • Provide information about where to find more information and who to contact for specific questions (usually you)
  • Remind team members about how and when to register, including any necessary information
  • Make sure to review all class and blind date regulations for each team member
  • Confirm lottery round in the portal (‘raffle results’)
  • Inform team members if they have been selected or not
  • Provide information about how and when to make payment
  • Make sure payments are transferred to the organization
  • Encourage team members to plan a theme outfit and actually purchase one
  • Assign all Obligatory Helping Hours (OHHs)
  • Encourage team members to volunteer extra time if possible
  • Coordinate travel as a team and make sure everyone knows what to bring (see packing list)
  • Ensure that team members have all the necessary information to fully enjoy the ETDS experience
  • Note that it may take until after the ETDS for a refund to be processed
  • If cancellation is late or the waiting list is empty, let participants know that they may not receive a full refund
  • Always remember to cancel the registration in the portal


Payment information After each lottery round you have 10 days to transfer the money of your teammates to us.


As a description/reference we ask that you register: ETDS Amsterdam-[Name of your city]-[lottery round]

Example: ETDS Amsterdam-1

Please note the following:

Once a team member has paid you, mark them as such in the xTDS portal, and transfer the money to us in one batch per lottery round


There are some rules for blind dating at the ETDS, which you can find here. Essentially, there are two types of blind dating at the ETDS: mandatory and voluntary. For voluntary blind daters, there are no rules - they can dance with whoever they like!

  • For mandatory blind dating, we rely on the discretion of the team captain. The blind dating page provides more detailed information.

  • For Breitensport dancers who are required to participate in mandatory blind dating in their usual role as lead or follow, they have the option to dance in the opposite role and have no restrictions on their blind dating (i.e. voluntary blind dating). We trust that team captains will use this rule responsibly.