Registration policy

When you register for the European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) as a participant, team captain, adjudicator, or volunteer, you are agreeing to the registration policy. This policy will provide you with all the information you need to be able to register for the ETDS. It’s important to read this page thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of the rules that apply.


By registering, every participant agrees to comply with the ETDS committee’s registration regulations, competition regulations, and privacy statements.

The ETDS committee reserves the right to deviate from the rules outlined in this document in cases of conflict.

If a participant does not adhere to the conditions outlined in this document, the ETDS committee reserves the right to deny them access to the event.

Registration procedure

During the week of 13-19 March 2023 the registrations will open.

Divided over March and April 2023 there will be 2 regular lottery rounds, with 3 registration deadlines and 3 payment deadlines.

  • Round 1: 25th of March 2023, payment due 4th of April 2023
  • Round 2: 8th of April 2023, payment due 18th of April 2023
  • After the second lottery round, when a participant drops out, that place will be taken by someone from the waiting list through a lottery.

Registration does not guarantee participation in the tournament due to the lottery system.

The team captain is responsible for the registration of their team members via the registration system administered by the ETDS organization.

  • Team captains register themselves as team captain in the registration system and will be exempted from the lottery.
  • The number of team captains exempt from the lottery are:
  • 1 for 3 or more participants (not including the team captain)
  • 2 for 20 or more participants (not including the team captains)


One week after the registration closes, the team captain will receive a final list of participants with a waiting list.

Whenever a participant cancels, their place will be filled by someone from the waiting list. The system will maintain the following priorities:

  • The spot will be filled by a participant from the waiting list from any team, by random lottery done by the ETDS organization. Preference will go to a participant that will stabilize the balance between lead/follow in the blind date groups.
  • It is not allowed to participate under someone else’s name. If done so, the participant will be disqualified and their team captain may also be disqualified if they allowed it.
  • If a participant on the waiting list isn’t available for the ETDS anymore, they are required to let the ETDS organization know via their team captain. The participant can then be taken out of the lottery system.

Obligatory Helping Hours

Participation in Obligatory Helping Hours (OHHs) is mandatory for all teams, and will be assigned to participants by their team captains. Detailed information about these helping hours can be found on our website. The tasks associated with OHHs may include, but are not limited to: working at the welcome desk, the information desk, checking badges, assisting with construction and deconstruction, helping with dinner, and working a shift at the bar.


Associations have 10 days to pay the participation fee for each participant in bulk after the participants have been drawn in the raffle (and are confirmed in the portal). If fees are not paid within this time frame, spots will be opened for the next lottery round.

There are different fees for students, PhD students, and non-students:

  • Students: €75,-
  • PhD students: €95,-
  • Non-students: €95,-

If a participant from the waiting list is moved to the official participant list, their fee must be paid within 10 days or their registration will be canceled. 

If the event takes place before the payment deadline, the fee must be paid before the start of the event, meaning: the participant needs to pay at the door.

Students must bring proof of (university/college)-registration to the tournament, in the form of a student card (of the year 2022-2023) AND written proof (e.g. email) of the university stating you’ve enrolled. Failure to show the required document will result in the participant having to pay the non-student fee in cash or pin at the registration desk.

Restitution of participation fee

  • Participants who cancel before the 1st of May 2023, and whose spot can be filled will receive full restitution of their participation fee. This restitution will be given to the participant’s association after the ETDS has taken place, and this date will be communicated.

  • Associations are responsible for ensuring that restitutions are returned to the correct person. The ETDS committee will provide the necessary information.

Obligations for Damages

Participants are responsible for any damages caused by their negligence or failure to follow rules. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Smoking in prohibited areas
  • Using the sauna/showers where you’re not allowed
  • Wearing outdoor shoes in designated indoor spaces
  • Wearing high heels without heel protectors, resulting in damage to floors or surfaces.